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+48 76 831 37 47


67-200 Głogów, Legnicka St. 5

A Brief Historical Overview

In 1947, on the basis of the German hospital put into use in 1939, a district hospital was established in Głogów. In the 1960s, he established the Ophthalmology Department.

VITA-MED Ophthalmology Clinic was established in 2003 as a result of the transformation of the Department and Ophthalmology Clinics of the County Hospital in Głogów, so we are the continuators of 50 years of experience of employees related to the hospital in Głogów. We took over the care of patients using many years of experience with highly specialized equipment (eg AF, laser). After privatization, dynamic development and restructuring took place. We changed the location by adopting the lower wing of the hospital building for our needs and we improved the organizational structure. We have acquired a new team of specialists for the center and the highest quality equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. We have been trusted by patients from outside the Głogów poviat who are very eager to use our diagnostic and treatment options.

From January 1, 2017, the VITA-MED Ophthalmology Clinic is located in a new, modern building at ul. Legnicka 5. The visual identification and the logo of the VITA-MED Ophthalmology Clinic have also changed.

The rebranding of the VITA-MED logo was created as a result of the revitalization of the previous logo design. The layout was changed from vertical to horizontal, a more modern font was chosen, and the signet ring was adapted to the appearance of the font. The new logo as a whole reflects the modern character of the clinic and fits in with the change of the image of a company that cares about the highest standards, quality and safety of medical services.

The shape and colors of the logo are simple, which makes it easy to use on various media with the use of modern techniques.

Our Motto:

“Through the eyes of our patients, we offer caring care and professional knowledge”.

Organizational structure

By constantly caring for development and trying to meet the expectations of our patients, we enrich the center with more and more new clinics and laboratories. When opening a new Service Department, we pay special attention to ensuring comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, in such a way as to ensure the availability of a whole range of worldwide proven diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

Thanks to investment purchases of modern equipment, we constantly expand our diagnostic and treatment possibilities. We can be proud of, one of the best in Lower Silesia, the Retinal Diseases Treatment Clinic (with modern equipment for digital Fluorescein Angiography, s-OCT, and for a year we have been performing vitreoretinal surgery, apparatus for the Constellation operation, with very good results. Glaucoma Treatment Clinic, allowing for comprehensive, modern diagnostics and treatment, both surgical and laser, and modern lens surgery based on the best world standards.

Our goals

In our center, we offer patients professional ophthalmic care based on proven, safe global standards. We take care of the continuous improvement of qualifications by all employees of our team (medical staff: medical and nursing). We expand our knowledge by participating in many international congresses, symposia and courses, as well as by completing internships in clinical centers in Poland and abroad. We share our knowledge and experience with ophthalmologists and patients by organizing conferences, trainings, presentations and talks. The medical and nursing team carries out comprehensive ophthalmological examinations and operations. We also deal with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases as well as specialist consultations. We treat our patients with due respect and care,

We provide services both reimbursed by the National Health Fund, as well as fully paid and based on contracts with private insurers. We also try to provide our patients with maximum comfort, adapting the center to the needs of disabled people and ensuring convenient reception hours in the morning, afternoon and evening hours.




The quality of our medical services and the safety of our patients are of paramount importance to us…