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Cataract surgery

Regain your best eyesight. Get rid of cataracts safely and painlessly. The guarantor is thanks to the house you will be back with your equipment.

Laser surgery

We are overwhelmed with enthusiasm due to the fact that we can offer OptiLASIK laser correction.

Visual therapy

We help restore the proper functioning of the visual system. During vision training, we use proprietary eye exercises.

Cataract surgery

the combination of an experienced operating team with excellent equipment will allow you to safely and painlessly get rid of cataracts and regain the best eyesight.

Laser surgery

free your eyes from glasses and contact lenses. Improve the quality of life thanks to laser vision correction. Do not be afraid. The treatment is painless, fast and safe.

Vision Defects Surgery

do you wear glasses, maybe you use more than one? Become independent from glasses! We guarantee an individual solution for each patient, tailored to the lifestyle and needs.

Intraocular implants

the breakthrough technical achievements of recent years allow, thanks to implants, to restore perfect eyesight and get rid of sight defects.

Retinal surgery

the sooner the pathological changes in the retina and vitreous body are removed, the better the surgery will be.


the full range of diagnostic tests in our Clinic is performed by an experienced and qualified team of our optometrists and medical assistants.

Visual therapy

we help restore the proper functioning of the visual system, we use holistic exercises and rehabilitate the entire vision process.

Laser therapy

we have a modernly equipped laboratory with many laser devices for the treatment of retinal (macular) diseases, glaucoma, opacities, etc.

Dry Eye Therapy

we comprehensively diagnose and treat ZSO using a non-invasive tear film analysis system, Meibography and IPL.

Glaucoma surgery

About 800,000 people in Poland suffer from glaucoma, and 70,000 are treated, which means that only every tenth patient is aware of his disease.

Treatment of AMD

chronic, progressive eye disease that occurs in people over the age of 50, although the exudative form of the disease can also affect young people.

Aesthetic surgery

our ophthalmologists rejuvenate and beautify! Aesthetic medicine as a new service in the VITA-MED Clinic, next to plastic surgery. It restores the youthful appearance of the skin, allows you to remove wrinkles and skin imperfections.

We offer our patients caring care and professional knowledge

We treat our patients with due respect and care. In our clinic, we offer patients professional ophthalmic care, based on proven, state-of-the-art world standards. We take care of the continuous improvement of qualifications by all employees of our team…

ISO quality certificate

Our clinic has been certified according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard since 2011.

Treatments in installments

Costs of procedures and treatments are no longer a barrier. Financing of ophthalmic procedures.

Optical shop

We invite you to the optics salon (located in the building of the VITA-MED Clinic).

Our Patients’ opinion is very important to us…

The best Valentine’s Day gift I could give myself is healthy eyesight forever. I recommend 100% laser vision correction with the highly qualified and professional staff of the clinic. If it weren’t for the pandemic, I would have hugged everyone individually, especially Dr. Kachniewicz. My only regret is that I decided to get laser correction so late. THANK YOU!
Professional approach to the patient and friendly service. The laser vision correction surgery was short and painless. The pain started after I returned home, which lasted for two days. Now, thanks to the treatment, I can enjoy my life without lenses and glasses. Thank you very much to all the staff, especially to Doctor Kachnowicz (golden man) ❤ I recommend it to everyone!
I came to the clinic with an emergency, still in this difficult time, when everything is closed. They made it a priority and I had my appointment the same day I called. ..
Dr. J. Kachnowicz made a positive impression on me, he gave me immediate help which I urgently needed and directed me what to do next so that the eye healed.
Fortunately, I found myself at VITA-MED and I sincerely recommend it!

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