VITA-MED Ophthalmology Clinic is now offering top achievement in laser vision correction optimized for you!

If you have waited for the right moment to get LASIK laser procedure, you do not need to wait anymore. We are full of enthusiasm for we can offer you OptiLASIKTM vision correction. It goes beyond other techniques of laser correction to help you to acquire optimal vision.

What makes OptiLASIKTM laser correction so optimal?

Although we know that every eye is unique, LASIK surgery in the past provided almost the same procedure for everyone. It simply corrected the defect on the basis of the power of glasses or contact lenses used currently by the patient. OptiLASIKTM technique is more advanced. It uses the technology of WaveLight® system, which is composed of EX500 excimer laser together with dedicated to it diagnostic tools and the system of computer analysis, programming and data transmission. After the measurements are ready, the detailed “map” of your eyes is created. Using this map as a guide, your doctor is able to adapt LASIK procedure individually for you so that you can get the best results in a fast and safe way. As OptiLASIKTM laser correction is very accurate and precise, it opens the door for many people with near-sightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism to whom LASIK was not available in the past.

Effects speak for themselves!

The patients who have got OptiLASIKTM laser correction describe their vision as an unbelievable life change. The patients who have gone through the procedure and participated in clinical trials conducted by FDA for the approval of WaveLight® laser see as well as in the best glasses or contact lenses or even better.

In just a few minutes OptiLASIKTM laser correction may entirely change the way you see the world. Are you ready to reach your top vision potential? If the answer is yes, then call now the number of our infoline for Patients: +48 607 588 588 or +48 76 833 20 62 or make an appointment

Especially for your convenience and having in mind education of our Patients we have launched an interactive version of the catalogue on OptiLASIK laser vision correction procedures. This will allow you to learn about laser vision correction and the details of the procedure as well as to get to know what goes on behind the scene…

See our virtual catalogue – please, click on the picture below or insert: in the address bar.


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