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Ophthalmology is the most dynamically developing branch of the modern medicine. The organ of vision is a highly complicated and precise system. There is no need to convince anybody of its significance. The pure fact that it provides 85% of the information from the environment makes it unique and priceless. Ophthalmology as one of few branches of medicine may be proud of rich choice of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, which allows for examination and treatment of the structures of the eye with an exceptional accuracy on the level of cells, often without a need to collect specimens.
The equipment also enables examining the function of vision with astonishing sensitivity. Often diagnostics and therapeutic equipment is built with the use of achievements of bioengineers and NASA cosmic technologies (e.g. our WaveLight EX500 laser, Constellation system for vitrectomy). In our centre we make sure that the highest class devices provide safety and comfort for our patients and offer opportunities to diagnose and treat eye diseases on the world-class level.

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